image of anti-m album cover Pieces by Ora Tamir
PIECES: Artwork from the painting PUZZLED by Ora Tamir

PIECES - A COVERS ALBUM (Official release March 2019)

1. Fade Away (Fur Patrol)
2. The Metro (Berlin)
3. Starless (King Crimson) - Tribute to John Wetton
4. Voices Carry ('til Tuesday)
5. See Me In Shadow (Delain) Featuring Alexa
(Alexa sings Charlotte Wessels part, Barbara sings the Liv Kristine part)
6. MILK (Garbage) Featuring Dru Allen
7. In Your Room (Depeche Mode) Featuring Dru Allen
8. Nighttime Birds (The Gathering) Featuring Mirabilis

Dru Allen of This Ascension, Mirabilis, Mercury's Antennae
Vocals Tracks 6, 7 & track 8 (as Mirabilis)

Summer Bowman-Vocals Track 8 (as Mirabilis)

Barbara-Vocals Tracks 1-5

Alexa-Main Vocals Track 5

Todd Simpson-Guitars Tracks 4, 5, 8 / Bass Guitar 5 & 8
Jon Moseley-Guitars Tracks 1 & 2
Steve Federlein-Drum kit Track 1
Derek Poultney-Drum Programming Tracks 1, 8
Marcus Baertschi-Bass Guitar Track 1
John "Wedge" Wardlaw-Keyboards, Programming, Guitar Tracks 7, 8,
Bass Guitar Track 7 and Bass Guitar fill Track 1

Recorded by John Wardlaw
Additional recording by Dru, Summer, Todd & Marcus
Produced and mixed by John Wardlaw
Mastered by Todd Simpson

Special Thanks to: Nan Avant, Ronnie Montrose, Derek Poultney, Jon Moseley, Todd Simpson, Ora Tamir, Marcus Baertschi, Seymour Duncan, Steve Federlein and of course Ruston Slager, Mark Rumer, Steve Weber. (still sorting out the credits more to come)


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