Welcome to the Anti-m / Montrose thanks and links page. If you have a link that is worthy please send me a note.

Ronnie Montrose was a good friend and a great musician. He shall be missed. official Ronnie Montrose site. Click Here for Ronnie On Facebook. A memorial site

Gamma on Facebook - The Official Facebook Gamma page

Glenn Letsch-Officia Site. Bass player for GAMMA

Dave -The Official Site for Gamma Vocalist Davey Pattison

Davey Pattison on Facebook - The Official Sammy Hagar and friends site

Classic Rock Photos- Jim Summaria has a fantastic collection of Classic Rock Photos The Official site of Edgar Winter Official site of Van Morrison site of Gary Wright

I would also like to thank the following people for thier support and help with both the Montrose and Anti-m sites. Chris Monrad, David Gouty, Ronnie Montrose, David Habermann, Geoff O'keefe, Rockin' Patrick, David Crist, Tone, Kira Nielson, Jesse Montrose, Tommy T., Earle Caldwell of Physical Ed., Mark Fitzgerald, Robert Glickman, Ray Troll, Davey Pattison, Glenn Letsch, Denny Carmassi, and many others who have sent me helpful information for this site.

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